In the beginning God created....  Genesis 1:1

I began my artistic journey relatively late in life and am largely self-taught through books and DVDs. I am especially grateful to my sister Roberta Fair and the handful of generous artists who have encouraged me on my journey. Beginning with watercolor, I moved into acrylics, acrylic mediums and pastels. My love of experimentation led me to encaustic and it has completely captured my heart. 

I am drawn to the organic look of natural elements, rust and decay and am infatuated with texture. These are the things that most inform my work. I have an insatiable appetite for play and nothing pleases me more than spending the day in my studio immersed in the intoxicating scent of molten beeswax.

I reside in New York's beautiful Mid-Hudson Valley with my husband Gil and our two beloved cats Leapy and Tootboy.